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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum turns 60

Guggenheim to Open Daily plus many events Beginning in 2019 In Honor of 60th Anniversary of Landmark Building.

Wright said, that the Guggenheim Museum is “one great space on a single continuous floor. The eye encounters no abrupt change, but is gently led and treated as if at the edge of a shore watching an unbreaking wave … one floor flowing into another instead of the usual superimposition of stratified layers. The whole is cast in concrete, more an eggshell in form than a crisscross brick structure.”

 Wright’s plan created many controversy and still does.

A group of 21 artists led by Robert Motherwell and Willem de Kooning had protested against the design in 1956 with an open letter (preserved now in the Archives of American Art) which claimed that “the basic concept of a curvilinear slope for presentation of painting and sculpture indicates a callous disregard for the fundamental rectilinear frame of reference necessary for the adequate visual contemplation of works of art” and urged “the trustees of the Guggenheim Museum to reconsider the plans for the new building”.

But Wright struck back with characteristic humility: “Dear Fellow Artists: I am sufficiently familiar with the incubus of habit that besets, if not befits, your minds to understand that you know too little of the nature of the mother art, architecture”.

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